Trust and safety - You share - we care!

Trust and safety - You share - we care! is a online platform that allows its members, whether drivers or passengers, to get in touch to agree on a carpooling trip. Mpact does everything  to give you confidence in our carpool community.

By accepting this Trust Policy, you acknowledge having read the terms and conditions of a successful carpool ride.

User Evaluation

Mutual trust between users is very important. Therefore, after each shared ride, we ask the passenger(s) and the driver to evaluate each other. Like this you already have a little more knowledge on how your next companion will be, even before you contact him or her. Is he or she a funny person, a friendly man or woman, a music lover...?


For each journey you enter on the website, it is possible to set your privacy settings. This way you can determine which information you want to be visible to others. You can set whether your name or telephone number may or may not be seen, if your home address is shown in great detail, or rather not, and whether you want to search only users within your own company.

Identity & profile asks you to fill out your profile completely enough. We ask  your real name and not a pseudonym to guarantee the veracity of any carpool. That’s the reason why your gender and birth date are mandatory. Other items, such as a profile picture, a link to your Facebook profile, details of your car ... are not required. Still, it is advisable to fill out these things  as well, to gain the trust of other users.

Moreover, each passenger must be able to prove his identity documents’ validity if the driver requests them. As a driver, you are indeed responsible for the validity of the identity documents of your carpooling passengers. In case of a check, it is better to ensure that each passenger has valid identity documents. Otherwise, you could be held responsible, which could be annoying...

Our advice: in case of doubt, we advise you to check this information with your passengers. This type of request is always delicate, but it avoids unpleasant surprises.

Internal messaging

On you'll be able to contact each other by phone (if released) or via the internal messaging system. Thanks to this system, your email address must not be displayed on our website and is it not visible for others.

Your decision

The final decision to carpool with some-one, lies on you. Makes sense, right?

Do not hesitate, if possible, to make a phone call in advance. You will notice that this is ideal to break the ice.


How about the insurance? Don’t  worry! Carpooling is covered by your standard car insurance. Very easy, isn’t it?  Do not hesitate to consult our web page 'insurance' for more details.


Compliance with road regulations is obviously essential when carpooling. Each driver therefore undertakes to drive carefully and not to drive under the influence of substances likely to impair his alertness.

Also, make sure that the car is maintained and safe.

Mpact's responsability

The Mpact team keeps its finger on the pulse of its carpool community. If someone has several negative evaluations, we check what’s going on and provide feedback via email or phone and, if necessary, we remove him. We ‘d like to emphasize that we only need to perform this procedure very exceptionably.

Nevertheless, as member of the community, you remain responsible for the smooth running of your carpool journey. Mpact isn’t responsible for any compliance with agreements or any other incident that may occur during the process.

Therefore, Mpact is in no way responsible for the respect of fixed appointments, for incorrect information provided by its members or for any incident or damage occurring during the journey (this list is not exhaustive).

Have a great carpool trip!